Infrared Sauna

Why Infrared?


Unlike Conventional Saunas that heat the room at HIGH temperatures (180-200 degrees) an INFRARED SAUNA heats your body at a much safer temperature (115-135 degrees).  This allows for the majority of the population to be able to use it – even CHILDREN!


Chemical and heavy metal toxins are everywhere in our lives these days. Toxins damage DNA.  By the use of an INFRARED SAUNA it allows heat to penetrate into your body at a level that promotes sweating and removal of these harmful substances.


There are multiple health benefits that an INFRARED SAUNA provides but additionally with the lower temperatures it allows a more relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.  You can even read a book, or enjoy some music with the built in bluetooth speakers in the sauna!



What should I wear?

Most people wear shorts and a tank or comfortable workout clothes.

How long am I in there?

30 minutes.  However, we block out 45 minutes so you have time to relax after each session.

Do I need to bring a towel?

We provide fresh clean towels that you can use for your convenience!

Is it private?

Yes!  At BRC we the a dedicated room specifically for your comfort.  Allowing privacy before, during, and after your sauna experience.

Light Therapy "Chromotherapy"

What is Chromotherapy?

It is the science of using wavelengths of color light to affect your body and mind for improved health and happiness.  This is INCLUDED in every Clearlight Infrared Sauna session!  

Each color has different focuses which you can see in the diagram to the right.

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